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Havells Hi-Flow D-Series Monoblock Pumps

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Product Description

    Energy Efficient Motor

  • Motors are with F Class Insulation, which ensures that motor does't get burned and works smoothly even at high temperatures

    Pump Performance

  • Higher performance of the pumps

  • Pumps have higher suction power and give high discharge in its operating range

Motor Insulation Class-F

  • Motor design is compact

  • Motor temperature withstand capacity increases upto 155 °C

  • It protects motor from winding burning due to wide voltage fluctuations resulting in high temperature increase

  • Most of the pumps available in market are with B-Class insulation, which provides insufficient protection

    Motor Windings

  • Dual coated H Class copper winding wires gives high motor efficiency

  • Winding wires can withstand high temperature and motor winding is protected from burning

  • Most of the pumps available in market have ordinary enamelled copper wire or aluminum wire windings making them inefficient

    Pump Shaft

  • Stainless Steel Shaft (SS-410) of the pump set protects the pump shaft from rusting due to hard water

  • Hard SS shaft has less wear and tear providing longer life to pump

  • Other pumps available in market have EN-8 shafts, which get rusted easily and have shorter life in hard water

    Pump Seal

  • High quality mechanical seal has long life

  • It completely seals and prevents the water entering into the motor side

  • It works for longer period with lesser wear and tear

    Home Service

  • Home service of the pumps assures trouble free service

    IP-55 Protection

  • High quality injection moulded round shaped polycarbonate housing in white finish with white powder coated aluminium sheet top as heat sink for efficient thermal management and excellent corrosion resistant

    Power Cable

  • 1 Metre long power cable eases use of pumpset while installing pump

  • Other make pumps available in market do not provide power cable

    Pump Casting

  • High Grade Pump Castings (FG-200 grade) ensures very slow rusting of pump

  • Pump life is increases due to less rusting and wear and tear

  • Most of the pumps available in market have low grade castings, which causes rusting of pump parts


  • Forged Brass Impeller is very hard

  • Wear & tear of the impeller is highly reduced

  • This results in better pump performance even after many years

  • Other make of pumps have brass impellers and wear out fast due to partcles in water

    Pump Warranty

  • Havells pumps are available with 2 Year Warranty

Product Specification

Product Code



(kW / HP)


Hi Flow D2

0.37 / 0.5


Hi Flow D1

0.75 / 1.0


Hi Flow D10

0.75 / 1.0

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