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Simply Explained – Electrical Relays

A relay is an Electrically operated switch.   Relays can be used as switches or amplifiers.   Relays act as a bridge by making use of low currents to activate circuit with high current (where appliances or machines are connected).   There are two types of relays   Electromechanical rela...

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Does your Pump make excess Noise?

Does your pump make noise like pumping rocks or marbles? If yes, then chances are there that it may be affected by cavitation. Cavitation can cause excess noise, vibration, and high energy usage. Cavitation causes premature failure of a pump and reduces its life. Cavitation is a common proble...

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How to Clean a Car using Pressure Washer?

For many of us, there will be lot of emotions and expectations involved when buying a car. Even after considerable usage and riding miles, we all want the appearance of the car to remain as new as possible, shiny and twinkle as we ride along. Three things to be noted for that – first is to drive ...

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Power Tools & Hand Tools - When, Where & Why?

Tools are discovered to simplify and perform operations like shaping, sharpening, cutting, drilling, threading, hammering, crimping, wrenching etc. in an effective manner. Tools are classified into two categories viz. Hand Tools and Power Tools. Hand Tools don't need any power source other than...

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