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Dolphy Wall Mounted Recessed Urinal Sensor DAUF0003

Dolphy Wall Mounted Recessed Urinal Sensor DAUF0003

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Product Description

  • Dolphy offers Automatic concealed type urinal flushers for washrooms.

  • Usually in urinals water is not at all flushed or it is continuously flushed causing lot of wastage of water & unhygienic Conditions.

  • New automatic flush operates in two-stage first pre flush for two seconds when the person approaches the urinal & post flushes when urinal is used

  • Features

  • Self-Flush

  • it will flush automatically through infrared detection units

  • Water – Saving

  • it will flush one or two sections intelligently as per its different occupied time. It will flush 1.5-3L Water Flux when occupied within 10 s and it will flush 2-4L Water Flux When Occupied over 10S note water pressure should between 0.3Mpa and 0.6mpa

  • Sanitation

  • When one leaves detection zone, the machine will flush automatically. Efficient cleaning makes us convenient and hygienic, which prevent us from mutual bacteria infections

  • Intelligence

  • it is controlled by micro-computer and self -adjust detection Zone. No need to manual adjustment

  • Low Power Consumption

  • its 4AA alkaline batteries can be used for two and a half year at 200 cycles a day (NOTE: battery should be produced by brand manufacturer and shouldn't be stocked half year from its production date)

  • Against Foul Character

  • it will flush automatically every 24 hours if it haven't been occupies, which can avoid foul Oder around room when the trap is dry.

Product Specification



Product Type

Automatic Urinal Flusher

Model No.





Pre & Post Auto Flush

Mount type

Wall Mount - Exposed

Sensor Type

Infra-Red Sensor

Water Pressure

2-3 Ltr/min

Sensing Range

30-50 cm

Dual Operation

Electrical + Battery

Battery Operated

4 x AA Battery (not included)

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